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Saint-Georges (Beauce)

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Offer N° Name of the job Employer Number
Education Years of experience Work place
7797244 production helper BÉDARD RESSOURCES INC. 3 Secondary an asset St-Ephrem de Beauce
7797062 cheese maker helper LES PÈRES NATURE INC. 1 Secondary 7 to 11 months experience Saint-Georges
7797001 sales assistant MICHAEL ROSSY LTÉE 1 Secondary 1 to 2 years experience Beauceville
7796993 customer service sales clerk MICHAEL ROSSY LTÉE 1 Secondary 7 to 11 months experience Beauceville
7796734 computer programmer CONCEPTION RÉVOTECH INC. 1 Collegial an asset Beauceville
7796733 accounting clerk PME Partenaires 1 Secondary 7 to 11 months experience Saint-Benoit-Labre
7796598 shop clerk LES MAGASINS KORVETTE LTÉE 1 Secondary an asset La Guadeloupe
7796390 teller - financial services GROUPE UMANICO INC. 1 Secondary 1 to 6 months experience Saint-Joseph de Beauce
7795663 labourer, general - manufacturing Versatile Fenestration inc 2 Secondary 7 to 11 months experience Notre Dame des pins
7795326 production planner USIMAX INC. 1 University 6 to 9 years experience St-Georges
7795546 human resources generalist CHORUS RESSOURCES HUMAINES INC. 1 University none, or information not available Saint-Georges
7795533 secretary-clerk Métal Labonté inc. 1 Secondary 3 to 5 years experience Saint-Honore de Shenley
7795465 heavy-duty equipment operator Groupe R.C.M. Solutions Modulaires 1 Secondary 3 to 5 years experience Saint-Benoit-Labre
7795301 logging machinery operator Déboisement Louis-Denis Veilleux inc. 1 Secondary 1 to 6 months experience Beauceville
7795250 textile engineer ANCIA PERSONNEL INC. 4 University 10 or more years experience Saint-Georges
7795231 human resources adviser ANCIA PERSONNEL INC. 1 University 3 to 5 years experience Saint-Georges
7795168 customer service assistant HICHAUD BEAUCE 1 Secondary 1 to 2 years experience Saint-Georges
7794906 administrative assistant ASSURANCES JFL INC. 1 Secondary 1 to 2 years experience st-georges
7794833 housekeeping attendant MAINTENANCE EUREKA LTEE 1 Secondary an asset Guadeloupe
7794629 human resources officer ÉLITE COMPOSITE INC. 1 Collegial 1 to 6 months experience SAINTE-CLOTILDE

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