Eligibility criteria for student jobs with the Québec public service

To be eligible for a student job with the Québec public service, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements indicated on the following page:


Proof of enrolment will be required upon hiring. Students who are hired for a summer job must provide proof that they are enrolled for the next fall term.

Students who are enrolled part-time because of a disability or pregnancy

Students who are enrolled part-time in an educational institution due to a disability or a pregnancy that, in a physician's opinion, is an obstacle to full-time enrolment are deemed, for eligibility purposes, to be enrolled full-time. Proof must be provided upon hiring.

Procedure—Student jobs with the Québec government

Québec government student job offers are listed on the Online Placement website. You cannot apply directly for these jobs. If you are interested in obtaining a student job with the Québec government, you must:

  1. Register with Online Placement and open a file by completing an identification card (upon your first visit only);
  2. Prepare and publish one or more candidacies, selecting a job title related to your field of studies. You must indicate your education level and permanent code in your candidacy.

You only need to sign up once for Online Placement. However, your student candidacy will come up for renewal on September 30 of every year. At renewal time, enter your user ID and password to access your file and publish a new student candidacy, which will be good until September 30 of the following year. Online Placement is the only way to register for student jobs with the Québec government. Students can be selected for full-time work in the summer and part-time work (up to 14 hours per week) during the school year.

Québec government departments and agencies must publish their job offers with Online Placement. Selection is carried out by random draw among the candidates who meet the job requirements. Once a student has been selected, the department or agency will contact the student directly and the student will be asked to provide proof that he or she meets the eligibility requirements.

What is a permanent code?

A permanent code is attributed by the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport to every student attending an educational institution in Québec. It is a 12-character code. The first four letters are based on your name, the following six numerals are based on your date of birth and the last two numerals are validation numbers. It usually appears in the upper right-hand corner of your transcripts. You can also obtain it from the registrar at the educational institution you attended.

Emploi-Québec reserves the right to verify your file if you are a student living outside Québec and do not have a permanent code.

You can only have one file with Online Placement. Emploi-Québec reserves the right to withdraw any additional files. In such a case, the person is informed by email or telephone.

Other student jobs

Non-government employers are also able to consult the candidacy or candidacies you publish through Online Placement.

To make optimal use of Online Placement, consult its job listings regularly.

Upon accessing your Online Placement file, you can manage your candidacies, Job Alerts! and apply for jobs online.