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A Note of Caution: Unsolicited or suspicious emails that notably include the name and logo of the Online Placement website are currently circulating. We advise you to be extremely careful if you receive such emails, as they could be phishing attempts. We recommend that you do not open attachments included with those emails and avoid clicking on links they may contain, as they could lead you to a fake website.
This page provides information (in French only) about what to do when you receive a suspicious communication.

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Candidates with a Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ)
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A new service will be replacing Online Placement. Make sure you have a clicSÉQUR Citoyens account to access it.

In May 2021, a new job offer service that is more efficient and easier to use will be made available to you at Qué, replacing Online Placement.

In order to provide you with a safe and secure service, authentication using clicSÉQUR will be required to access the new platform. If you do not already have a clicSÉQUR Citoyens account, you can sign up now by consulting the page How can you create a clicSÉQUR account?.


If you do not wish to register immediately, the following options are avalaible :

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